Cracked tooth syndrome may occur in any tooth but often involves:

  • Teeth with very large fillings. Large fillings may weaken a tooth and make them prone to fracture.
  • Teeth that have been subjected to heavy biting forces or grinding and clenching. Over time, cracks can slowly develop from clenching, grinding and chewing.
  • Teeth that have suffered trauma

Not all cracks in teeth will cause pain but often a cracked tooth will become painful while eating and become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. A crack may not always be obvious because it is not always visible to the eye or detectable on a dental x-ray. Your dentist may perform a number of tests to determine if and where a crack is present.

Treatment of a cracked tooth will depend on the extent and position of the crack. The treatment for most cracked teeth involves removing the weakened portion of the tooth and restoring with a filling or crown. When a crack is more complex, the tooth may need root canal treatment or extraction in order to relieve the symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome.
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