Our friendly and supportive staff understands that dental experiences are often highly emotional for many people.

Dental fear is very complex and is shaped by many factors including previous bad experiences, stories from friends and the media. The solution is NOT to avoid dental visits or only attend when you have a toothache. Leaving an infected tooth for long periods of time can lead to serious infections affecting your general health and well-being.

The solution is to develop a trusting relationship with your dentist and staff and seek their advice on ways to overcome your dental issues.

At The Gentle Dentist, we believe in compassion and communication to help you desensitise and overcome your fears. We will guide you through each process and ease you into routines. Analgesia is also available to relax and provide a more comfortable dental experience. Please ask us what we can do to help you overcome your dental phobia.

We are so committed to making your dental visit as comfortable as possible that we even have our very own remedial massage therapist available to help you relax before or after your dental appointment.

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