Caring for your teeth during Pregnancy

How should you look after your teeth during pregnancy?

Good oral health is more important than ever when you are pregnant. Research has shown there is a link between gum disease and premature births with low birth weight, which can lead to a range of health conditions such as cerebral palsy and poor hearing and eyesight for the baby.
The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your oral health is in tip top shape!
1. Maintain a healthy diet and minimise snacking. Frequently snacking between meals allows the bacteria in plaque to produce acids which damage your teeth and cause dental decay and cavities.
2. Chew sugar free gum to encourage saliva production. Saliva helps neutralise acids and protect your teeth from developing decay.
3. If vomiting occurs due to nausea, avoid brushing your teeth immediately as they will be weakened by the acid attack. Instead, try rinsing with a cup of water mixed with baking soda to help neutralise the acid in your mouth, then wait an hour before brushing your teeth.
4. Brush at least morning and night and floss everyday. Some women find it more comfortable to use a smaller toothbrush to avoid stimulating the gag reflex during brushing.
5. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly to make sure your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be. Routine dental treatment such as check ups and cleans are recommended and perfectly safe throughout your pregnancy


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