Root Canal Treatment Beenleigh

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the last option to retain an infected or irreversibly inflamed tooth.  It is an alternative to removing the tooth.

Our Beenleigh Root Canal Treatment      

Treatment usually requires 2-3 appointments, approximately 4 weeks apart.

At the first visit, the tooth is anaesthetised, and the canal is cleaned and medicament is placed to sooth and remove bacteria. This appointment may need to be repeated if symptoms do not resolve after cleaning and disinfection.

At the final appointment, the canal is sealed to prevent re-entry of new bacteria and a final composite restoration or preparations for a crown are made.

What is The Long Term Prognosis?

Root canal treatment is the last available option to save an infected tooth.  Prognosis can be variable, depending on the severity of the original infection, the amount of remaining tooth structure, the number of canals present and their accessibility for disinfection.  In some cases, treatment may need to be referred to a specialist to complete the treatment.

Should you have any further queries about root canal treatment, please feel free to ask your Gentle Dentist at Mt Warren Park.

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Root canal treatment is an alternative to removing the tooth.

Root canal treatment is a comfortable procedure performed under local anaesthetic.

Modern techniques allow our gentle dentists to treat your tooth comfortably.


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