Preventative Care

Preventative Care

At The Gentle Dentist, we believe that preventative care is the start to strong, healthy teeth.

Regular dental visits are vital to detect and prevent the beginning of any dental decay and oral health problems. Every six months your mouth needs a professional clean and examination, where our gentle dentists will use their expertise partnered with modern diagnostic equipment to screen for signs of dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer. Following the examination, our team will remove plaque and calcified tartar and apply a fluoride treatment to strengthen and desensitise teeth.

We welcome patients of all ages and believe by working together, everyone can strive to have healthy teeth for life.

A child’s introduction to the dentist is a crucial key to achieving a lifetime of healthy smiles! Our experienced dental team aims to make your child’s introduction to the dentist a fun and enjoyable experience.

We recommend children start coming to the dentist within 6 months of their first tooth appearing, usually 6 to 12 months of age. It is a good idea for the child to accompany their parent during a regular check-up to become familiar with the practice environment. It gives them a chance to meet the dental team and to take a ride in the chair!

Age 5 and 6 is an important time for a child as this is when adult teeth start to appear. Regular dental check-ups are a must to ensure that the adult teeth are developing properly. At this visit we will discuss preventative care to protect the new teeth from decay and educate the child so they start to become aware of the importance of oral health!

The teenage years are often a time when diet and oral hygiene become less than ideal. Increased sugar consumption such as soft drinks and poor home dental care leads to lots of dental decay and poor oral health! It is important to continue regular dental visits to encourage and maintain the health of a teenager’s teeth and gums.

For adults, regular dental visits are essential to maintaining oral health. We recommend regular 6 monthly dental visits to remove plaque and tartar, and early detection of any dental disease and decay.

Remember, the earlier a problem is detected the simpler the dental treatment is – which means a much shorter and pleasant visit for you!

Flossing daily can help prevent dental decay and gum disease.

Calcified tartar build up occurs in every mouth and needs to be professionally cleaned regularly to prevent gum disease.

Establish good habits in children from an early age essential to ensure their adult teeth will be healthy.


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