How Healthy is Fruit Juice?

How much sugar is in fruit juice?

“Soft drink is bad but juice is healthy, right?”

Dr Suzanna says:
My patients often ask me this and while I recognise the good vitamins and minerals that fruit juice may contain, I also know that juice contains hidden sugars that cause a lot of damage to teeth.

Take the example of 24 year old Cara, who consumes one fruit juice beverage every day:
🥄 In 1 week, this adds up to 91 teaspoons of sugar.🥄
This equals almost 1500 excess calories, which has a potential weight gain of 8.5kg over a year.
To burn off her weekly sugary drink intake, she would need to do 6 hours of walking🚶‍♀️ or over 3 hours of cycling 🚴‍♀️

I always recommend water as the healthiest beverage. It’s always best to eat fruit to get the benefits of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Drink water to quench your thirst, but if you enjoy drinking juice, try to limit the amount you consume and rinse with water afterwards to minimise the damage to your teeth.

Find out how much sugar is in your favourite drinks with this handy calculator:


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